Signature Results

All good condominium managers should be able to provide essentially the same services in managing your property – the same basic responsibilities are common to every management company; however, while lists of specific tasks and marketing buzz words are common, its entirely different to actually deliver on those services thoroughly and live up to those words.


Signature Alliance is raising the bar by focusing on the network components of a successful management strategy:

* The ACM designation is your assurance of a professional manager. Educated, with historical experience and superior ethics, you can rest assured that your manager will have a solid working knowledge of the Condominium Property Act of Alberta, will have the conflict-resolution skills required for any manner of situations, and will recognize the liability at stake, acting accordingly.

* It is necessary to recognize and assume responsibility for thorough and appropriate follow-through
* Providing meaningful data and metrics assists in anticipating and measuring success in managing assets, finances and owner satisfaction.

* A solid, long-term relationship with one consistent manager bringing a broad scope of over 20 years' experience,  is your assurance of continuity for your property.
* Our key staff are Shareholders in our company, so we take our client satisfaction personally.

* Technology allows for faster communication, resulting in quicker response times and faster results. With a multitude  of communication platforms at your disposal including phone, email, text messaging, social media, and so on, Boards  and owners should have no difficulty reaching their manager with questions or concerns.

Beyond our 24/365 emergency on-call service, we also provide after-hours access to your Manager for your designated Board contact person.  We understand that sometimes, volunteer Boards need assistance after their regular working hours and if we can look after a pressing issue for you quickly, its one less thing to address "tomorrow".

* Use of the newest technology for instant access to documents and records online means quick answers and the information you need,when you need it.

* Realistically, a response should always be expected well within 24 hours.
* Detailed, regular reporting including interpretation, options and professional recommendations based on in-depth knowledge and years of experience.

* Our comprehensive "Signature management style" produces results. We manage a small, exclusive group of varied properties, ensuring a very small unit-per-manager ratio. This means we have the time to address your needs and can put our efforts into personalization and individual attention to each situation for better outcomes.
Results: Don't settle for anything less.